Recently Adobe launched the Women in Security (WinS) program at its India offices in Noida and Bangalore. WinS is a knowledge sharing program developed internally at Adobe focusing on security awareness for women employees. It focuses on introducing women across the company who are in technical roles to the information security domain. The program provides a comfortable environment to “geek out” without feeling intimidated. This program now runs continuously with new activities and events planned on a regular basis.

The first program session had over 100 attendees. Dave Lenoe, director of the Adobe Secure Software Engineering Team (ASSET), led the first event. Attendees were educated on the benefits of participating in the program and also given the option of a short test to determine their current level of cybersecurity knowledge. The session wrapped up with a capture-the-flag (CTF) competition to help attendees better understand more real-world applications of security knowledge.

Future program opportunities include designing, developing, and testing possible security solutions or tools and assisting with customer inquiries on questions of security. The goal is to make as many of our women in technical roles as possible “security savvy” – encouraging them to become the security champions within their own domain. The program will also regularly include sessions and challenges from respected female industry professionals to further enhance skills.

We are excited about the launch of this program and we hope it encourages more women to consider roles in cybersecurity. Adobe is also a sponsor of DefendConWomen in Cybersecurity, and Girls Who Code as part of its broader efforts to recruit more women into technology and especially the cybersecurity field. Watch this blog for more about the programs’ successes throughout the year.

credits: Adobe