Welcome to the all-new Alibaba Cloud Community Blog! If you’ve visited our Blog before, you might have noticed the new look and feel of our channel. So, what are some of the significant changes in the new Alibaba Cloud Blog? Read on to learn more about the upgrades of the new Alibaba Cloud Blog.

Optimized Content Layout


To improve the overall user experience for our readers, we have added more structure to blog channel. Through shortened lists and precise tagging, users can quickly search for relevant content. More specific changes include:
• Featured articles on the homepage
• A list of recommended articles
• The most popular articles by week or month
• Optimized look and feel of articles
• Automatic product association based on tagging


Increased Community Interaction

The Alibaba Cloud Blog channel has always been an essential source of information and content for the Alibaba Cloud Community. That is why in V2.0, the Blog channel is now part of the Alibaba Cloud Community Portal.

In Blog v2.0, you are not just content consumers, but you can interact with other authors in the community! You can follow profiles of other community members, or share your favorite content on social media with just a click of a button.
The new blog is also customizable; you can customize your profile and save your favorite articles!

Be an Alibaba Cloud Blogger

Perhaps the best update in the new Alibaba Cloud Blog is that now everyone has a chance to be a blogger! All registered users can apply to be a contributor to our blog. The Editorial Team at Alibaba Cloud will evaluate and determine whether your writing style and quality, as well as topic selection, meet our standards. Once approved, you can contribute directly through the blog editor.

By supporting user-generated content (UGC), our users can now actively contribute to the Alibaba Cloud Community. Users can also determine what’s relevant and what’s not by having more freedom for contribution.

Get Rewarded and Gain Recognition for Your Contribution

Knowledge is best when shared with the community, but a little incentive never hurt anyone, therefore we will reward our most influential community contributors. Rewards are not be limited to monetary incentives, such as through our Tech Share program. By contributing more, users can also earn Community Badges, gain more exposure within the global tech community, and stand a better chance of becoming an Alibaba Cloud MVP.

Credits: Alibaba cloud