Many professionals find it incredibly difficult to fit in the time to blog for their website. They often start out with the best of intentions. They imagine that writing a blog post each day should only take a few minutes, so it shouldn’t be a problem. These people might start writing a blog post every day for a few days, but then they don’t seem to be able to fit it in their day. They let one day go by, and then another day goes by, and the next thing they know, a month or more has passed without a new blog post. This isn’t a good thing for online marketing and here’s why.

Blogging Provides Fresh Content

Fresh content means a lot to Google. Internet users don’t want outdated information. They want content that they can relate to and trust. If you don’t post on your blog, Google doesn’t think you are providing information people want, so they start to come to your site less and less. This means that you’ll start to see less traffic and that can convert to less online revenue and fewer leads.

Blogging Provides Information

People will not know what you do or sell if you don’t tell them. Blogging tells people about your specialties and tells them how much you know about them. When they can learn from you with the information you provide in a blog, they appreciate it. They want to know what else you can teach them, so they start to look at your other blogs, as long as you have others available.

Blogging Boosts Authority in Your Industry

You need to be an authority in your industry. People need to look up to you because that’s what gets them to buy from you. It’s important to Google too. Google wants to make sure people with knowledge are writing blog posts. They want to give Internet users information they can trust. When you blog, Internet users and Google start to get to know you. They start to understand what you know about. This means that more people will come to your site through recommendations of others and through higher ranking on search engine results pages.

Blogging Gives You a Voice

A website simply tells people what you sell or do. There’s usually not much personality in it. With a blog, you can help people see who you really are, so they can start a relationship with you. Relationships start online for many customers. If they like the way you speak to them with your words, they will most likely want to speak to you offline.

Blogging Announces What People Need to Know

If you’re holding a sale or special event, a blog is the best way to let people know about it. People like short posts sometimes because it helps them stay connected with a company. You can do this with your blog. Don’t just use it for announcements though, the other posts you make build a community you need to have, so those announcements get attention.

No Time for Blogging?

While blogging is quite important, you may not have the time to write. That’s why we are here to help you. We have a team of professional writers in every industry who have experience either working or writing in each one. That way you have someone who has knowledge in the subject matter write blogs for you. Upon your review and approval, you will have many blogs to publish that will help you drive traffic to your site and increase online revenue and leads. For more information on how we can start blogging for you, contact us via email at   Image courtesy of Stuart Miles from