Are you considering using content writing services? If so, you are probably on the fence about it. You may not be sure it’s worth the cost. You may think you should write the content yourself. How do we know this? You’re not any different than most of our clients. Many people turn to us every day asking if content is really worth the cost. They also tell us all of the time that they tried to write it themselves, but quickly fell behind and their blogs ended up untouched for months.

This is where we came in and helped them. We helped them see the value in high quality content by showing how beneficial it is to add regular blogs, website pages, and more to their site.

Eighty two percent of people using blogs to market a business see a positive ROI.

On average, brands that add 15 blog posts per month see 1,200 more leads each month.

The power of content is real. You know that because you have read the statistics and you’ve heard people talk about it all of the time. Now, all you need to know is why you should use content writing services.

The Reasons to Use Content Writing Services

1 – It takes special skill to write high quality content. Not everyone can write blogs and articles in a way that will engage consumers. Content has to engage consumers to be effective. All your time will be wasted if it doesn’t end up selling your products and services.

2 – There’s not enough time. It can take up to an hour or more to write one quality blog post. Research must be done, and then that research has to be written in a way that readers will understand.

3 – It can be hard to think of topics. After a while, it can be difficult to know what your consumers want to know. When you use website content writers, they can help by giving suggestions.

4 – You may not know how to incorporate keywords naturally into content. You have keywords from keyword research, so now all you have to do is work them into articles. Sometimes, it’s not that easy, especially when they don’t easily fit in the text. Professional content writers can do it because they have skill and experience.

5 – Your competition uses website content services. Sixty two percent of companies outsource their content marketing, so this might be why you’re having a hard time beating your competitors online.

6 – You don’t know what Google wants. Google has guidelines on what they want in content, and it can be difficult to keep up with their changes. Content marketing companies pay attention to the algorithm updates to adjust the blogs they deliver to their clients accordingly.

7 – Call to actions need to make readers do something. Call to actions need to be effective by making readers make a purchase or sign up to be on an email list. It takes special skill to write an article that leads readers to act in a certain way.

8 – Content is the future. According to Forrester, companies are expected to spend $33 billion on search marketing by 2016.

9 – Visibility on social media depends on website content. You can share other people’s content, but after a while, it’s not going to be as beneficial as having some of your own on social media feeds. It’s what drives traffic to your site.

10 – You may want to expand on the content you already have published. Many people don’t realize that they can use additional types of content. For example, videos, images, infographics, and more are great ways to add value to a website.

11 – You don’t have to think about your blog. When you have a content writing service taking care of your blog, you don’t have to worry about not having enough posts. It’s done for you, which saves you time.

12 – It only takes up a quarter of your marketing budget. You know you can’t get new business if you don’t market your services and products. Most marketers use a quarter of their budget for content, which leaves the rest for other forms of marketing.

13 – Tracking helps you see the benefits. Writing and then tracking the results takes a lot of time. When you have content marketers following the results of those blog posts, you end up seeing the benefits of those services much more.

14 – Help clients in many niches. If you’re running a website development company, you know the importance of content, but you probably don’t have the team members or time to add it to your clients’ sites. With content writing services, you can get the website pages and blogs you need to make your clients’ sites a success.

15 – Find experts in many industries. You may have clients in many different industries, so it’s hard to find writers with the experience needed to write about topics your clients want.

16 – You need a website content strategy. It can help to speak to professional content marketers who understand what works in a website content strategy. You can then have an editorial calendar created that will help you see how you can provide your consumers with the information they want and need.

17 – You want to share more of your own content on social media because you know it’s important. Did you know that approximately 27,000,000 pieces of content are shared on social media each day? And that number is growing every day.  When that’s your content, you’ll gain a great deal of online visibility.

18 – Using content writing services is cheaper than hiring a full time writer. Content writers can cost you around $26,000 to $60,000 a year depending on where you live. You’ll also have to offer benefits, which is an additional cost to you. When you use professional writing services, you don’t have to worry about paying someone to write it for you. All you do is buy blog posts, press releases, website pages, whitepapers, or whatever you need when you need it.

19 – It’s hard to hire someone to do content marketing in house. According to Hubspot, 83.7% of companies say that it’s either “somewhat difficult” or “difficult” to hire a good content marketer.

20 – You want people who know how to write and edit handling your content. Nine out of ten companies say that writing and editing skills are the most important qualities when looking for a content marketer. A professional writing service only uses writers who have exceptional writing and editing skills.

21 – It’s a challenge to produce the type of content that consumers want. Sixty nine percentof people say that they don’t have enough time, 55% say they can’t produce enough content and 47% say that they can’t come up with engaging content, and those three factors are what makes content marketing effective.

22 – You want to take your online marketing to the next level. You may be blogging every day and have no problem with engagement. However, you want to take it to the next level with press releases, whitepapers, and other types of content. With a content writing service, you can have everything you need when you need it because those services are offered.

23 – You want a different voice on your blog. People can get bored of the same personality on a blog. With website content writing services, you can have many different people write for your blog to spice things up.

24 – You want quick turnaround times. One person can’t produce 50 articles in three days, but a writing company can do it because they have more people available to do the writing for you.

25 – You’re able to try out many writers with a lot of experience and find the one or ones that you like the best. Just because you are using a writing company, it doesn’t mean you don’t receive individualized service. When you find a writer or writers that you like, you can make a request to have them write for your content all of the time.

26 – You like being able to pay securely and know you’re getting the content delivered.When hiring freelance writers, you never know what you’re going to get when you pay upfront. Some will never deliver or what they deliver may not be high quality. This can be frustrating and end up in a loss of money. With a trusted professional writing service, you confidently get the articles you deserve on time.

27 – You want to be able to compete online by having the best content possible. Even when people write their own content, they often find themselves wondering if it’s good enough. They wonder if that’s the reason they can’t get it to rank highly on search engine results pages. When using expert content writers, you don’t have to wonder. You know you’re using professionals who understand the world of content marketing.

It’s not difficult to see that when you turn to a professional writing service, you’re making a decision to take full advantage of the benefits of content marketing. You are using experts in the field of content marketing to help you succeed online with your business.

Content Writers offers many content services for your small business. We have experts in many industries such as Travel & Industry, Food & Restaurant, Medical and Professional Services, Building and Hardware, Finance, Real Estate, and Business, and many more. We have writers in these industries experienced at blog posts, social media posts, whitepapers, press releases, and website pages, and video scripts. We have the writers you need to excel online, so contact us today to find out how we can help you beat out your competition with high quality content.