Summarizing and paraphrasing are the important factors that are involved in academic writing. If you are going to support your project with the recent work done and the previous research papers that are for your project, then you always rely on the summarizing and paraphrasing to present your claim in an efficient manner. Well written and good English paraphrasing are the essential things to be noted to score well in your project, and this software will do work for you.

How to summarize and Paraphrase are briefly discussed below:

How to Summarize?

The summary is the brief introduction of the project or work. It means managing the whole piece of work into a small paragraph.

When a summary is written then take care that summary should not be more than one-third of the original work. Just write down the idea of the project in the review.

Want to write a good summary of your work? Follow the following points.

  • Read the text
  • Mark and highlight the main topic and sentences and other important points.
  • Mark the most important points as you read to make the outline of your summary and never focus on the individual text instead of this focus on the essence of the text.

How to paraphrase?

Paraphrasing is the writing of the same ideas in the same length of the original text but in your words. It is all you have to do. Take a paragraph and write it in your words.

Paraphrasing is used where you want to avoid writing of accurate quotation in your summary, and it is considered as an essential factor of the summary writing and mostly employed in lengthy reviews.

Want to write a good paraphrase? Just follow following simple steps.

  • In the first step write down all the important points of the original long text including the particular points like evidence, examples, etc.
  • Now write down the detail of the points using the list of marked points. Just be sure that write according to the original text. Do not include anything by yourself and also do not reduce anything.
  • Use verbs and phrases to ensure the attribution.   
  • Use the quotation to replace the original text used in the original paper.

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