With so many online businesses all trying to gain the same customers, how can you be effective while managing to stay authentic and staying true to your brand?

While it can feel like you need to resort to playing hard ball and outbidding and outshining the competition, you can market without losing yourself and what you stand for. In fact, being real and authentic goes a very long way in the online world, especially with so much fraud and betrayal going on. Here are 5 tips to help you stay authentic in your marketing.

5 Tips to Stay Authentic in Your Marketing

1. Be real. 

Not only is this good for authenticity, it’s great for customer relations and customer loyalty. With so much automation and bots being used, customers love coming across a business that is real…and uses real people! This is something that shows in their interaction with you. They want to get to know you. They love knowing that the person behind the business is just like they are.

So share your name, your face, your stories. The more honest and raw your stories are, the more trustworthy and relateable you become.

2. Be interesting. 

What can you tell your customers that will shock, entertain, or intrigue them? One of the best ways to stand apart from other businesses in the same industry is to share stories that are interesting and memorable.

Tell your story about how and why your business was started, or share stories or employee profiles. Reveal stats and facts that enhance your individuality and authenticity.

3. Pay attention.

Social media provides today’s businesses with a huge advantage. We are now able to see and hear exactly what customers are saying, what they like, and what they don’t like. Social media and review sites give businesses instant feedback, and if you’re paying attention, you can use this feedback to continue or change up any aspect of your business. Bonus authenticity points for making changes when customers are requesting it.

4. Respond.

Customers want to feel heard. So besides paying attention, be responsive. Make it easy for them to contact you. Respond to inquiries, complaints, and praise. Have someone checking your customer service email address and social media, and responding to anything in a prompt and helpful manner.

Being genuine and providing value and customer service goes a long way, especially when the original feedback is negative. Responding to complaints makes customers feel heard and valued, and you can even turn a naysayer into a fan just by responding and being helpful.

5. Be consistent. 

The last and best tip for keeping your business authentic is to just be consistent. Continue sharing your stories and your value, staying true to your message and your brand voice. Also, be consistent across all your marketing channels, no matter if it’s email, website and blog content, or social media. Nothing busts your authenticity faster than giving out mixed messages.

The online business world is extremely competitive. But being honest, sharing your stories, listening, connecting, and staying consistent are great ways to attract more customers and help your brand stand out.

Credits: content writers