Let’s be honest: SMS marketing feels pretty old school. However, retro is making a comeback, and it turns out SMS is one of the best modern marketing tools that you’re not using!

Here are some surprising numbers about users: 58% of cell phone users check their phone once an hour (at the very minimum). And for Millennials, 80% of them check their phone as soon as they wake up!

But is SMS actually effective? 89% of marketers have found it very effective, and most interestingly of all, 64% of consumers think businesses should do MORE SMS marketing.

Here are just a few reasons why SMS marketing is a tool that you need to put back in your toolbox!

Time-Sensitive Messaging

One of the reasons for the SMS renaissance is that it offers the best way to send time-sensitive marketing. This goes hand in hand with the high engagement rate (more on this in a minute).

No matter how well you design them, traditional advertisements often feel like a message in a bottle: you craft them, send them out, and simply hope that a receptive audience finds them. Text messages, though, can be timed for special events: texting consumers about a weekend sale or a free Friday dessert special can help you see immediate results, all at an extraordinarily low cost.

The Engagement Rate

We all depend entirely on our smartphones, for better of for worse. And that’s doubly true of Millennials, a demographic which will soon dominate the marketplace.

The open rate for SMS marketing is rather stunning: over 82 percent! That’s leaps and bounds better than the open rate for email marketing, which is at a measly 24 percent.

Sure, SMS requires an opt-in, but the engagement rate is completely worth it. You end with a group of  consumers eager to get the next message, as opposed to consumers annoyed that their e-mail inbox is full of junk.

Customer Relationships

As we said, the one downside of SMS marketing is that customers need to specifically opt-in to receive messages. However, that is a downside that has a unique upside in the sense that it helps build loyalty and customer relationships.

Many consumers (especially Millennials) like to feel as if they have a relationship with a business. Furthermore, they expect this relationship to go both ways and want businesses to provide relevant content and offers rather than just a sales pitch.

SMS marketing allows you to send messages concerning special deals, rebates, and so on. And ultimately, customers have the peace of mind of knowing they can opt out at any time, further building loyalty.

Easy to Track

In the 21st century, marketing is all about analytics. In order to uncover what works, you must be able to track and categorize all of your marketing efforts.

Fortunately, SMS marketing is quite easy to track. A variety of platforms allow you to keep track of things like who opened which messages, what they clicked on, and which messages were simply wildly unpopular.

Tracking this data lets you improve your customer conversion process and your SMS marketing technique each month. This means that SMS marketing is a solid technique that will only improve the more you use it!

The Revolution Will Be Texted

The first rule of marketing is to reach your customers where they live. The only guaranteed way to do that is to send them a text!

Ultimately, SMS marketing is a low-cost technique that yields big rewards in terms of customer revenue and loyalty. To see how it can transform your business, try starting your own SMS campaign and compare its effectiveness to your traditional marketing channels!

Credits: Content writers