The basic and primary step in every software, web or mobile app development process is to analyze the requirements of the client, the current market trends and gap between the requirements and the market. It creates innovation and adds personalized features.ANJ Web Tech follows thorough analysis process which enhances the quality of features and software for our clients.


Simplifying even your most complex business objectives, into a simple and processed methodology, is the result of proper designing. Creating a step by step design process for each project gives complete clarity to clients as well as our team before initiating the project. ANJ Web Tech follows a standard process of conceptualization, design and execution with in-depth thought process, adding a specialized layer.


For any kind of software, website or mobile app development process, it is important to have a standard development methodology in place by which the development team can plan, structure and manage overall process. ANJ Web Tech follows waterfall,spiral, agile and rapid development methodologies.


Flawless solutions delivered to customers, is the sign of dedication and team work.ANJ Web Tech has a strong QA/QC team which ensures that each and every solution delivered to our clients is bug-free and flawless in a live environment. We ensure sanity,unit, live scenario and several other methods of testing processes.


Expertise in deploying the solution in the proper way requires years of experience and knowledge. ANJ Web Tech offers end-to-end deployment for all types desktop applications, cloud apps, mobile apps and many more solutions, as per your business requirements. Depending on the type of deployment, our team of developers provide complete configuration and integration support at every stage.


Every business needs an additional set of hands when it comes to maintaining new or existing applications, software or website personalization. ANJ Web Tech has an experienced team of developers who provide assistance with management and maintenance of the existing business solutions.