When you want to implement an SEO strategy for elevating the visibility of your site in the search engine results, keyword research is invariably the first thing you need to take up. You can start off with the words that you think are important, use the many tools available to see what users and competitors are actually using, and also try and find out new ones for your niche. Some top-rated keyword research best practices for boosting your SERP rank.

Google Suggest Wild Cards:

With the mammoth quantities of information that has been indexed by Google and its matchless experience of handling user queries, it is definitely the best place for finding out the keywords of preference by the target audience. When you feed in a few words of the search term in the Google search box, it automatically generates additional keywords that are most relevant to the topic from the content it has indexed and its history of searches fired by users.

Analyzing Keywords Used By The Competition:

The main intention of keyword research is to beat the competition in the race for page rankings. Therefore, it is vital to find out the keywords that your competitors are using. There are innumerable tools available, both free and premium, that can be used to perform analysis of competitor websites to discover the keywords that they are using. Armed with this knowledge, you can structure some original keywords that closely mimic them or even use the very same keywords in your own content. The merchant words Amazon tools can be very useful if you are an Amazon seller.

Industry News And Upcoming Events:

A large number of searches conducted on the net are for current information on the developments and trends in a particular domain. You can leverage industry news and news about upcoming events by including relevant keywords that will boost your rankings with users trying to access information. If you can manage to stay abreast with what’s happening in your industry, weaving relevant keywords into your content can boost your page rankings up and beyond the competition.

Identify Meaningful Topics Instead Of Keywords:

Google’s constantly evolving search algorithm now factors in the concept, purpose, relevance, and quality of the content very much like how the human brain processes information. Therefore, in this context, the entire content acts as the keyword and the value of individual keywords/phrases has greatly diminished. Try to ensure that your content is rich, informative, original and relevant to the user, and you will find thatGoogle has boosted your page rank.


The intention behind keyword research is to discover the keywords that users type in the search engines. Armed with this information, you need to have content that matches the information requirement of users in a logical, relevant, and original way. Interweaving relevant keywords while still being a good way to be discovered by search engines, the accent is now more on having rich content that is useful to the user in the context of his information requirement.

Credits: Exeideas