I observed traffic and rankings to my personal SEO blog after penguin 3.0 update I have got extreme changes.

Here are the techniques I have applied in 2014 to my BlogSpot blog.

  1. Monthly updating blog posts
  2.   Content optimization (internal linking for long tail keywords)
  3. Sharing post on social media sites Google plus, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Delicious and Linkedin.

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On Page Checklist & Techniques

  1. Add your website in Google webmaster tools and register Google analytics
  2. Proper redirects (Make sure your website URL’s everything with www)
  3. Update XML Sitemaps for Images and videos.
  4. Update robots.txt
  5. Write Meta tags for all pages (Title and description only)
  6. Write H1 and ALT tags
  7. Put schema code for your website official logo.
  8. Update internal linking to your unique and quality content
  9. Check and fix broken links
  10. Create custom 404 pages
  1. Apply authorship (Authorship is still working only a rich snippet is not shown in search results don’t trust rumours)
  2. Update Major social profiles on website homepage fb, twitter, tumblr, linkedin, pinterest, G plus, youtube etc
  3. Update phone number and contact details everything on the homepage.
  4. Update new blog posts frequently and add social sharing buttons to each blog post
  5. Check and improve your website page speed
  6. Make your website in responsive design

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Off page Checklist & Techniques


  1. Local listings and local directories
  2. High authority social bookmarking submissions
  3. Video marketing (concentrate only on youtube only, leave other video sites)
  4. Article posts per month 4 articles (post in ezinezrticles)
  5. PDF submissions (scribd, slideshare, podcast, docstoc etc.)
  6. Guest post (choose local and high authority relevant sites only)

 Social Media Marketing, Optimization and Networking

  1. Update frequent posts (in every 2hours) in top social networks
  2. Update per day 2 different posts about your website
  3. Update per day many posts other information which is relevant to your industry
  4. Share and like other information (ex: your followers or member’s posts)
  5. Create groups, lists, communities and add members and share knowledge to users.


Link building is not spam. Still it was working; build high authority quality relevant natural links. Hope the above techniques will help to you. Please give your suggestions if I am missing anything. All the best.

Credits: Madhuriseo