The Chinese are addicted to social media with netizens spending on average 25 hours per week on social networks. Up to 400 million people in China are using social networks presenting a huge opportunity for marketers.

Many are wondering how to break into the Chinese market by using social media so here is some advice on how to optimize the success of your social media campaign.

Build your own knowledge

In order to be successful on social in China, you have to be aware of all the social media that exists and understand how these networks operate, can be utilized and are influencing the Chinese market.

Social media targeting

Each different social media platform in China attract different types of target audiences and operates in unique ways. WeChat can be compared to WhatsApp, QQ can be compared to Skype, Weibo is a micro-blogging site and may be seen as the Chinese equivalent of Facebook or Twitter.

These platforms are also unique and tailoring a marketing campaign for each platform and different user demographic is key.

Be active

It is essential to be really active on the social media platforms. The Chinese greatly appreciate direct interaction and in such a crowded market place active engagement and fresh content are a necessity. You have to be aware of all the new functions and the new trends emerging on social media.

What is your identity on social media?

You have to think about your brand identity and what you are trying to communicate on social networks, ensure you have a coherent style and stand out from the crowd.

E reputation

Build the e reputation of your company and ensure your brand has a positive image. Managing your reputation on social media should also be combined with community management on Chinese forums as these are a key source of information in the mysterious orient. You have to think carefully of what kind of image you want to create.

Understand your consumer’s expectations

Chinese consumers tend to be more “digital” than in other countries. They are really active online and aware of mobile technologies. What is interesting to point out is that Chinese users will usually create whole series of different social media accounts and be active on a range of different platforms, thus it is important to market effectively on a range of Chinese social media.

Optimize the content

Your style of writing, what are you expressing? your choice of words…Before uploading content one has to think carefully. The goal is to succeed by emotionally and intellectually engaging consumers through language, imagery, video and other relevant content.

Use Co-Branding

In order to increase your social reputation significantly, it can be vital to be partner with another company (particularly and established Chinese entity) in order to raise your reputation and to win a larger market share.

Understand your competition

It is essential to understand how your own market is going on the Chinese social Medias.

You can check how the others competitors communicate on their social medias and how do they proceed. This may give you an idea of what it does works and what it doesn’t works.

Use the key opinion leader

KOL’s can be really useful to optimize your social media campaign. They already have a large number of followers and are well known and reputable online. By recruiting a KOL to represent your brand you can reach thousands if not millions of potential Chinese consumers.

Benji is a social media specialist based in Shanghai, China. He is passionate about finding digital solutions for western firms looking to enter China. For more information see his blog/website here.