With the New Year beginning, you’ll find many posts talking about the things you should do to make your social media marketing campaign a roaring success. Here, we intend to do something different.

Instead of talking about what you should do, let’s look at the things you should never do if you wish to pilot a victorious social media marketing campaign.

Content you need to avoid, for a successful social media presence

1) Articles that offer no tips or suggestions

Research shows that 93% of Pinterest users initiated a purchase transaction following the advice of a brand. It’s safe to say that social media users look to brand posts for information.

Make sure you never post anything which doesn’t offer concrete value to your followers. Post something worthless once and you’ll see a decline in readership as the days follow.

2) Extreme political or religious views

Cyber extremism has become very common these days, what with users being bombarded with political and religious propaganda. Remember that religion and politics are a person’s most intimate affairs and nothing gives people the right to question someone else’s beliefs.

Forgetting this and engaging in hurtful actions can be the worst thing that you do to your brand.

3) Posts that don’t inspire a share or retweet

Studies have shown that on an average, 8 new groups are formed and about 2000 conversations are generated every minute on LinkedIn. Imagine the benefits of tapping into these groups and conversations.

However, to do that, you need to post quality content that is worthy of talk. Frivolous gossip, outdated statistics and irrelevant information certainly isn’t the way to go, to engage your followers. Social media influencer Neil Patel says using data-backed content is a great way to inspire conversation.

4) Derogatory remarks about other people/brands

Running down another brand/person on social media is akin to washing your dirty linen in public, and honestly, no one likes seeing you do that. Not only will derogatory remarks destroy the quality of your content, they will also make your brand appear mean-minded and unfriendly.

An experiment conducted by Facebook proved that users become disengaged with their feed when they were constantly bombarded with negative posts. So, stick to positivity and all will be well.

5) Content with poor spelling & grammar

There is nothing as unappealing as content which has poor spelling and grammar. Imagine having to wade through a 1000 word+ article that has spelling and grammar so bad, they’re destroying the language.

Awful, right? Remember, if you’ll get irritated reading poorly edited posts, chances are your readers will too.

6) Posts that can get you negative publicity

The whole ‘even bad publicity is good publicity’ concept doesn’t really work in the world of social media. People are very impressionable these days and if your audience finds you indulging in something disreputable, chances are they’ll either unfollow you within seconds or stop making a purchase at your store.

7) Conversations with clients

The conversation you have with your clients is confidential. Don’t use any of these conversations in any promo material. This could land you in serious legal trouble.

Everything from screenshots to direct copy-paste of private conversations is a big no-no.

8) Content that doesn’t belong to you

Copyright infringement is a very serious offense. It doesn’t just have to be an article or a published paper that you’ve infringed upon. More often than not, copyright infringement happens when business owners use pictures directly from Google for their websites.

Use images from websites like Pixabay and Unsplash which are free and non-copyright, and have your content custom-written by a content writing agency.

9) Promotion centered on illegal activities

Remember the Gucci G-spot ad or Sisley’s Fashion Junkies ad? Chances are you haven’t even heard of them. These ads are some of the infamous advertisements which are now banned from publication.

Posting these ads or any content that’s centered on sex, drugs or anything illegal is an absolute no-no. Not only are they highly distasteful but they’re also a one-way ticket to prison.

10) Posts that don’t have the right SEO and backlinks

The whole point of social media marketing is to attract the right audience and sell them an offer they can’t refuse. But neither of these goals can be achieved if you don’t have the right SEO, Meta and backlinks.

Additionally, the correct SEO and backlinks speak volumes about the quality of your content. Fail to add relevant SEO, Meta and backlinks and say goodbye to your dreams of a large readership.

Stitching it all together

Remember, if you won’t like seeing something on social media, chances are your followers won’t either. So, stick to the above tips and watch as your social media presence gets stronger with each passing day.

credits: www.godotmedia.com