The GMAT test is an essential prerequisite for many MBA students to enroll in their chosen institution. The exam is made up of four distinct sections focusing on literacy and numeracy questions. Earning the perfect scores in the test requires an intensive study and preparation. Of course, due to the importance of this exam, there are many online platforms that offer tips and materials that the students can use in their preparation. However, it is crucial to restrict yourself to reliable sites. There is so much to study and understand about this examination, and it will be greatly disastrous to invest your time in websites that have nothing tangible or relevant to offer you. To make your preparation easy and focused, we have put a concise list of websites together to help you in your GMAT test preparation.

Top Websites for GMAT Test Preparation


QS-LEAP is a social learning platform that offers the adaptive and guided learning modules and training tools. These learning modules are linked to a personalized and customized study schedule. Through this site, you can also access advice and feedback from the GMAT test prep experts and other test takers which will help you improve your weak areas for better scores. Interestingly, this site can be accessed for free, and you would not be required to make any payment to access the features of it.


There are articles that are uploaded on a weekly basis on Prep Away. These practice questions articles analyze the different sections of the GMAT test in full details. The contents of this platform are developed by professional instructors of GMAT, consultants, and students. Using this site opens you up to informative contents as well as fun articles and exam questions that help you tone down the stress of preparing for the actual exam. This platform is highly recommended for those students who have already had a grasp of the fundamentals of the GMAT prep and would like to increase their knowledge base about the different sections of the test.

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  • GMAT Tutors Blog

This platform is designed for exam takers who have many questions about the GMAT test and are looking for answers. The test takers can submit their questions on the site, and the GMAT experts will be available to answer them. This website also offers regular self-help contents for those test takers who are struggling with their exam preparation. It provides frequent newsletter containing the detailed GMAT prep blog contents to help the students. If you have any question about the GMAT exam, the GMAT Tutors Blog is the pace to head on to.

  • GMAT Club

As a student, you would have known that preparing for an exam can be a lonely journey, especially if you do not have other candidates around you. Having to study alone with no one to share your ideas and thoughts about the topics can be very depressing. With the GMAT club, however, you can say goodbye to solitary study time. When you sign up with the GMAT club, you get to connect with other prospective exam takers. The website features interesting forums, video content, free test resource materials that its members can engage and comment on. The GMAT club is very popular among the MBA candidates, and it currently boasts of more than 150,000 ‘likes’ on its Facebook page.


The site is an excellent source of information for admissions. In addition to the primary GMAT articles for a test preparation offered on the platform, it also features different contents that are useful for students that need to sharpen their focus and interest in specific areas of the GMAT study. The website is designed to offer the best prep test of GMAT for its members by regularly providing insightful articles from students, test prep experts, and academics from all over the world.

  • Beat GMAT

Beat the GMAT is an online platform that draws from the numerous experiences of the ambitious MBA applicants who have written the GMAT exam and can boast of very impressive scores. The site has the users from all over the world who share their stories and experiences on how they studied and were able to score 700 and above in their GMAT test. They share insightful tips and assistance to help other test takers in preparing for their examination.

  • Kaplan Test Plan

This website offers the intensive GMAT prep courses to those students who are planning to take the GMAT test. It is important to mention that these courses are not free and not cheap. The courses are offered in a range of approaches ranging from pre-recorded self-paced online lessons to private face-to-face training. If this is your first time of writing the GMAT test and you want to achieve great scores, you might want to take these courses, especially if you have the fund to spare. The Kaplan Test Plan is designed to walk you through the different aspects of the GMAT exam with ample practice questions to study with.

  • Empower GMAT

This prep course is one of the most cost-effective GMAT courses on the market today. The classes are online based and come at a very reasonable cost. The site provides different platforms for learning with tips and lessons offered through podcasts, documents, immersive experiences, and videos. Many test takers who have gone through the Empower GMAT platform have a lot of success stories to share.

  • Magoosh

This platform also offers one of the most cost-effective online prep courses for the GMAT test. You can access verbal reasoning and mathematics for a sum of $79 on the platform. You can also get an all-inclusive package premium course at the rate of $99 on the website. To make the fee easy for the students, there are different study options that split into sections. This enables the users to pay based on their academic needs. The students get an email correspondence with instructors, video lessons, practice questions, and the year access Magoosh site as soon as they complete their registration on the site.


Many of these platforms are free, and they offer fantastic resource tools to help in your GMAT test prep. Review the contents on each of these sites and gather the needed knowledge for preparing for your exam. The GMAT test can be a bit overwhelming. It is therefore essential that you adequately prepare for all the sections of the examination.