All of us have been there, hiring SEO experts to find the right words and phrases to incorporate into posts, spending hours on tagging things just right only to find out we dropped in search engine results. It is confusing, frustrating, and infuriating all at the same time. This is why the meat and potatoes of your content should always be consumer-driven content that your target audience wants and needs. Everything else with SEO is gravy.

Losing to Competitors With Big Budgets

One of the reasons SEO tricks aren’t effective is that everyone does the same research and gets the same keywords and phrases to optimize. So not only is everyone doing the same thing, but major companies often buy the market out. What does that mean?

The big players are able to put those big budget dollars into a way to keep the little guy out. Take a local auto insurance company wanting to generate new leads. Do you think Jane’s Auto Insurance is able to put as much money into penetrating a market with keywords such as “cheap auto insurance?” Jane most likely can’t compete with the likes of insurance powerhouses such as Geico and Allstate.

Of course, there are a few tricks to adjusting the keyword phrase to compete in local markets by choosing a specifying keyword such as a zip code or city name. Even then, Jane is competing with the 40 other local agencies looking to get top results. So while there are tricks, they won’t stand up to the bigger budgets or better content.

Natural SEO in Quality Content

When you create quality content, you are naturally incorporating words and phrases that your target market is searching for. As you build a bigger library of quality content, the search engines recognize you as an expert. So merely optimizing your website with 50 SEO phrases will never be able to compete with a similar company that builds a content library that consumers search and use.

Some of the ways these search engines are recognizing quality content is engagement and time spent on site. So when someone goes to the site and stays on it, the search engine recognizes the site as having credibility. If readers begin to comment and engage with the content, the search engines like this too. The algorithms rely on the notion that consumers won’t stay on sites that are fluff without value. So if someone goes there, stays, and speaks up, then the search engines reward that site.

How to Create Quality Online Content

One of the best ways to develop content that your audience finds valuable and the search engines rate as quality content is to survey your target audience. If you don’t have an audience to survey, look at what other companies are talking about and what is in the news. Starting with this information, you want to reverse engineer your content. This means that you look for what people want and write to meet that need.

Most content is created because of what the company is trying to sell or present. Consumers may not be on the same page. Look at what people are talking about and create quality content that keeps readers on your page and coming back for more.